These first two images are based on the fact that in many countries especially America, black people are associated with crime and gangland activities. They imply that black people are to be feared because of the colour of the skin and their background. Although the memes are supposed to be humorous and make the viewer laugh they are at the end of the day racist. Just because a topic is made into a joke it does not make it okay or automatically true just because it made you laugh. The message that these images portray is that all black people should be labelled as criminals simply because of the colour of their skin. This is a very negative message to be sending to people online especially young naive users of the internet. These images could shape a young persons opinion of black people therefore contributing to the on going major problem of racism all over the world and in extreme cases could progress into hate crimes against black people.


This meme is also in relation to racism against black people particularly concerning the recent and on going shootings of innocent black people in America. Although this meme does use a hint of humour, I feel like its main aim is to spread the message of this ongoing problem. Unlike the other memes it does not make a joke of the racism against black people. It subtly points out that what is happening is wrong. This meme influences my opinion on the American police force by sending the message to the viewer that what is going on is wrong.


This meme again uses humour to capture its audience but once again has a hidden meaning that links back to problems occurring in America in relation to racism. This meme sends a message to its audience that racism is indeed rippling through the world from the people at the top. Donald Trump has on many different occasions made is opinion on people with different colored skin very clear. If the leader of the country is racist towards people what hope does the rest of the country have? This meme while being slightly funny is quite striking because it really points out the fact that the community in America is very much divided by skin colour. This meme while sending a negative image out about Trump influenced my opinion on the American Political system by making me question how they could let someone be in charge of the country that judges others on their skin tone.

All of these memes are based on issues revolving around racism. While they are all under the same heading they all deliver a different message weather it be a negative or a positive one.

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