Personal Banner

I began my personal banner by selecting the theme Suits because I thought it suited the the layout of my blog best. I then went through my pictures on both Instagram and Facebook and selected a picture from my holidays in Portugal during the summer. It is a picture of the sunset at the marina beside where I stayed. I love this picture because it is very idyllic and reminds me of the beautiful weather on holidays. I love the sea and never get to see it at home because I live in the midlands so I chose this picture because it reminds me of the tranquility of sitting beside the sea on a summers evening. I also have a longing to travel when I am older and this picture reminds me of all the beauty to be seen in the world.

Once I had selected the image I cropped and sized it to fit the theme I had selected. I felt that the colours in the image needed to be enhanced to portray the beauty of the colours in the sky. I used the saturation tab to enhance the colours in the sunset making it much brighter. I then decreased opacity to make the image more tranquil and less severe.

Finally I added the text to my banner “Louisa’s Blog”. I used a distinctive font because the image was quite simple.The unique font matched the aesthetic of the picture because it had a calming and tropical quality.

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