Privacy online


I checked my privacy settings on facebook and over all I feel my page is very secure. People can only access my personal details such as photos and info after they have sent me a friend request and I have approved it. I can also only receive messages from friends that I have accepted and want to talk to. The only downside I feel there is to facebook is that it is easy for people to make fake pages so you constantly have to ask yourself, do you really know who your talking to?


I find it easy to manage my privacy settings on snapchat. I can choose who can view my story and who can send me snaps.I also like that it tells you who has screenshotted your pictures so you can keep an eye on who your real friends are…A downside to the privacy on snapchat is I find it quite difficult to block people or unfriend them if I don’t want to talk to them anymore.


I have always had my instagram account on private so that people can only follow me once I have accepted there request. This ensures that no strangers can see my personal photos and I can manage who sees my posts.

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